31 July 2019


My name is Koos du Preez.

I started programming quite early. When I was 11 years old, my mom owned a clothing store and I wrote her an inventory system in Apple Pascal on an Apple II.

Later I wrote an Open Source app called "myFairTunes" so I could convert my apple music to mp3 and play on my non-apple device. That was fun, until I got a cease and desist letter from Apple for the fair-use of my own music...

Around 2001 I started to use NetBeans to build a Java based GUI for an IBM AS/400 clustering software.

Currently using Netbeans to develop cross platform C++ applications for our Computer Vision and AI and robotics applications.

We apply Computer Vision, AI and robotics to create agriculture automation solutions. Our first project is a rock removal service: we autonomously fly drones and use Deep Neural Networks to detect rocks from the aerial imagery and then use semi-autonomous ground vehicles with onboard Deep Neural Network based machine vision to identify the rocks and use an electro hydraulically controlled robotic manipulator to acquire the rocks.

This is developed on Apple Mac / Ubuntu X64 based GPU Servers and deployed to Ubuntu ARM based NVidia Jetson embedded devices / ARM Debian based Raspberry PI embedded hardware.

Besides the IDE I use NVidia CUDA and CUDA compilers, Darknet/YOLO, TensorFlow.

I can be reached by email.