14 May 2019


I've been working in the IT area since 1998 and have coded in a few languages in the past like Clipper, Delphi / Pascal, Java and a few lines of code in PHP and Perl. I have studied a few other languages like Lisp, C, C++ and Ruby, but only for fun. Overall, I’m an easy going person. I like to teach what I know and learn with everyone willing to teach something new.

I have never been a full-time Java developer, but every time I need to code in Java, NetBeans is my first choice.

My first contact with NetBeans was version 4. Version 4 and 5 gave me a lot of trouble as being a slow and unstable IDE, but easier to use than the competition.

After NetBeans 6 things started to change and NetBeans became, for me, the best IDE for Java development.

In 2013 I started to work in operations / infrastructure, mostly Oracle, following a path that lead me to become a Weblogic Specialist. In 2018 this changed a lot when I joined a team of Enterprise Architects and after a year working and learning about The Open Group Architecture Framework, I’m back to an operations team, using DevOps practices and doing a lot of infrastructure as code.

I'm a former emacs user, and nowadays I wish I could use NetBeans more when working with Python, Terraform, Ansible and Shell Script.

That's it.

People can reach me on LinkedIn